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Broad brushstrokes, Simon Birch



Gustav Klimt

1. The Large Poplar Tree II, or Coming Storm (1903)

2. The Swamp (1900)


It wasn’t meant to end like this, Fernando Gómez Balbontín

Would painters ever be allowed to paint people again, or trees, or rivers, or flowers in a vase? Photorealists said yes. They decided that it was time to reclaim “the real world” for painting. But photography had long ago established its primacy as the recorder of how the real world looks. Want to have an accurate memory of your wedding day? Hire a photographer. Photorealists came up with a clever way to bring painting back into this story. They started making painstakingly accurate paintings of photographs. By painting photographs, they’d found a “back door” route into the world of people and trees and flower vases. Admittedly, this was not a long-term solution to the dilemma of painting after photography. But no aesthetic answer has ever been long-term. It worked for the moment.


Anthony Lepore - House Party (2013)



these are fucking paintings

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I had no idea how greedy my heart really was.

Carol Rifka Brunt, Tell the Wolves I’m Home I know.

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Morgan Schweitzer.

Illustrations by Los Angeles based illustrator Morgan Schweitzer:

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Erik Jones, “Motion.”

Opening this Saturday, July 5th at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco, California is artist Erik Jones (Interviewed) very anticipated solo show, “Motion.”  Featuring a multitude of brand new portraits in Jones’s signature, colorful style.  Jones looks at his works as conceptual fashion design where the color becomes the clothing.  As Erik put it when I interviewed him, “The viewer is capturing a random moment where the forms are consuming the figure. Not in an aggressive or obtrusive way but more like wearing clothes that are alive. Clothes that revere you, they breathe with you.”

Erik’s work is expected to sell quickly - if you’re interested in purchasing a piece please contact Megan at

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Back to the Future, Irina Werning

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